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Fragrance List Candles &

Car Fresheners

*All Hallows Eve


*Almond Cherry

*Ameretto (NEW)

*Angel Wings (New)

*A Northwoods Christmas

Apple Cinnamon

*Apple Struddle


*Artic Air

Autumn Sage

*Baby Powder



*Banana Nut Bread


*Birthday Cake


*Black Cherry

Blueberry Muffin

*Blueberry Patch

*Blue Sugar

*Butter Cream

*Butterfly Kisses (NEW)

*Butter Rum Crunch

*Butterscotch Brittle

*Butt Naked

*Cabernet (New)

*Campfire Smoke

*Campfire S'mores

*Candy Cane

*Candy Corn



*Caramel Apple

*Caramel Corn

*Caramel Cream

*Caramel Nut Cluster

*Caramel Walnut

*Carrot Cake


*Cedar wood

*Cedar Saffron


*Cherry Lemonade

*Cherry Vanilla 1

*Cherry Vanilla 2

*Chestnut & Brown Sugar

Chocolate Kisses

*Christmas Eve

*Christmas Past

Christmas/Country Spice

Christmas Splendor


Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Vanilla


*Citrus & Sage

*Clothesline Fresh

*Cloves (NEW)


*Coconut Grove

*Cool Cucumber Melon

*Cool water 1

*Cool water 2

*Cotton Blossom

*Cotton Candy 1 Blue

*Cotton Candy 2 Pink

Country Sunshine

Cozy Home (New)



*Creme Brulee

*Creamy Orange Creamsickle



Dloce Gabba

*English Ivy (NEW)na Light Blue

*Dragons Blood

*Drakkar *Dutch Apple Crunch

*Dream Angels Heavenly (New)

*Dutch Apple Pie

Eggnog (NEW)

*English Ivy (NEW)


*Eucalyptus Mist

*Extreme Vanilla


Fireside Musk

*French Vanilla

*Frankincense & Myrrh

*French Roast Coffee

*Fresh Brewed Coffee

*Fresh Cut Grass 1

*Fresh Cut Grass 2

*Fresh Cut Roses

*Fresh Macintosh apple

*Fresh Rain

*Fresh Squeezed Oranges

*Frosted Carrot Cake

*Gain (New)

*Gardenia Blossom

*German Chocolate Cake


*Gourmet Sugar Cookie

Grandmas Kitchen


Grated Nutmeg


*Green Apple

*Green Bamboo

Harvest Spice


*Hazelnut Cream

*Heavenly Plumeria

*High Cotton

Hillbilly Homebrew

*Home For The Holidays

*Honey Coconut Mango

*(S) Honeydew Melon


*Honeysuckle Vine

Hot Apple Pie


*Island Flower

*Japanese Cherry Blossom

*Jasmine 1

Jasmine 2

*Jasmine Vanilla 1

Jasmine Vanilla 2

*Juicy Watermelon

*Juniper Breeze

*Just Peachy

*Kenneth Cole Black

*Lavender Fields

*Lavender Vanilla



*Lemon Drop

*Lemon Grass

*Lemon Pucker

*Lemon Verbena

*Lick Me All Over

*Lilac Breeze

*Lily Of The Valley


*Log Cabin

*Love Spell

*Macadamia Nut


*Magnolia Blossom

*Mango Papaya

*(S)Maple Pecan


*Mid Summers Night


*Monkey Farts

*Morning Dew

*Mountain Lake1

*Mountain Lake 2


*Mulberry Wine

Mulled Cider


*Nag Champa

*Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Odor eliminator

*Oh Christmas Tree

Orange Clove

*Orange Creamsickle



Pear Berry

*Pear Glace

*Pecan Pie

*Pina Colada

*Pineapple Blossom

*Pineapple Cilantro

*Pineapple Paradise

*Pink Lemonade

*Pink Sugar

*Pink Sands

*Plum Crazy



*Pomegranate Citrus


*Pumpkin Spice

*Raspberry Lemonade


*Rose Jasmine 1

*Rose Jasmine 2


*Sandalwood Vanilla

*Sea Side

*Sex On The Beach

(3)Smell My Nuts "One" (3 Layers)

(3)Smell My Nuts "Two" (3 Layers)

Smoke & Odor Eliminator


*Southern Magnolia

Spiced Cranberry

Spiced Pears (NEW)

*Storm Watch (New)

*Strawberry Jam

*Strawberry Moouse

*Sugar Plum (NEW)

*Summer Citrus


*Sun Ripe Raspberries

*Sweet Pea & Me

*(S)Tequila Rose

*Tidal Wave (NEW)

*Toasted Marshmallow

(3)Touch My Melons (3 Layers)

*Tropical Paradise



*Twigs & Berries

*Vanilla Bean Supreme

*Vanilla Extract

*Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha

Vanilla Velvet

*Vermont Maple Sugar

*Vermont Maple Syrup

*Very Sexy For Her

*Very Vanilla

Victorian Christmas


*Warm Baked Bread

Warm Cinnamon Buns

*Warm Vanills Oak )

*Warm Vanilla Sugar

*Water Blossom & Ivy

*White Pine

*White Tea & Ginger

*White Zinfindel

*Winter Candy Apple

*Ylang Ylang

*Ylang Ylang Ginger

(3) Candles Only

*(S) Soap Safe only

*Body Safe

(3) Candles Only

*(S) Soap Safe only

*Body Safe